Lakota Solar Enterprises Staff


Henry Red Cloud, Owner

Henry is the founder and owner of Lakota Solar Enterprises (LSE), based on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. One of the first 100% Native American-owned and operated renewable energy companies in the nation, LSE employs tribal members to manufacture and install efficient solar air heating systems for Native American families living on reservations across the Great Plains. Additionally, Henry co-manages the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC), a one-of-a-kind educational facility where tribes from around the U.S. receive hands-on green job training in renewable energy technology and sustainable building practices.


Silas Red Cloud, Manufacturing Manager


Paul Shields, MANUFACTURING and Maintenance 


Gloria Reyes, facilities MANAGER


John B. Motley, Business MANAGER

John works with LSE to organize renewable energy workshops, solar furnace installations, and to develop local partnerships. John graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with an Environmental Studies degree focusing on renewable energy and development. Before joining the LSE, John worked for a national non-profit focusing on renewable energy and clean water protection.