Welcome to the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center!

Red Cloud Center

Lakota Solar Enterprises founded and operates the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC), where Native Americans from around the country come to receive hands-on training in renewable energy applications from fellow Native American trainers.

RCREC’s educational facilities include:

  • Demonstration Solar solar air furnaces

  • Solar electric arrays

  • Solar water-pumping, lighting, and radiant floor heating

  • Mobile solar power stations

  • Greenhouse facilities

  • Solar Warrior Farm

  • Straw bale residential buildings 

  • Compressed earth block (CEB) office

  • Windbreak and shade trees

  • Wind turbine

In addition to educating about the benefits of renewable energy, RCREC’s workshops are creating green jobs for residents of Pine Ridge as well as visiting trainees from other native tribes. As tribal leaders learn how to incorporate sustainable technology into housing plans, employment training, and energy strategies, their environmental and economic impact will increase exponentially.