I have been interested in renewable energy for a long time, but my interest has been magnified in recent years due to more awareness of global climate change and also from working in an industry (coal) that frowns upon the mere mention of renewables. That attitude has made me even more eager to learn and push on behalf of the world.
— Jeff King, Northern Cheyenne Tribe

The green job sector is growing by leaps and bounds. Opportunities for employment, training, and entrepreneurial start-ups are booming in a time when many older industries are fading or have shut down altogether. New ventures stimulate local economies for Tribal communities - renewable energies, regenerative housing, recycling/upcycling, aquaculture, value-added agriculture, and small-scale enterprises are just a few examples.

Lakota Solar Enterprises offers a wide-range of green job training opportunities for Native Americans, including:

  • Solar Heating

  • Solar PV (Grid-Tied and Battery-Tied)

  • Solar Water Pumps

  • Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Building with Compressed Earth Block and Straw Bale

  • Green Business Development in Indian Country

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